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Restrict users to particular sites
03-13-2017, 09:30 PM
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RE: Restrict users to particular sites
(06-29-2013 08:10 PM)paul Wrote:  The development build of 1.2.1 (I've sent you a PM with the location to download it from) now allows you to specify access permissions for each site, therefore it's possible to isolate sites from each other. The Elements are shared between all sites but files and content can be kept separate.

To configure clearFusionCMS to limit users access to sites:
  • Install clearFusionCMS
  • Go to Content Perms and add a new Edit Permission, e.g. mastersite, this permission will be required to access the default site.
  • Create an edit permission for each of the sites that you'll be adding e.g. sitea, siteb
  • Return to the dashboard, then Manage Sites, select the default site and from the Edit Permission drop down select the permission required for the default site, mastersite.
  • Now create all the sites required setting their Edit Permissions to those you just defined e.g. sitea, siteb...
  • Return to the dashboard and File Manager, now create a folder for each site, e.g. sitea, siteb, this will hold the sites public files.
  • Return to the dashboard and Private Files, now create the same folders as the previous step, this will hold private files.
  • Return to the dashboard and then use Select Site to select each site you've just created and each time you select a site go to Settings > clearFusionCMS > File Storage and modify the Public and Private File Storage Locations ONLY, to each append the name of the folders you created earlier, this makes the site limit its storage to those locations. Do not modify the Module storage locations.
  • Almost there, now select the master site again and Roles, create a Web Master Role for each site. You'll need to include the edit permission you set for a site and the core.accessmgr permission otherwise they won't be able to login. You should not select user management, access to elements, cfContent.managesites or cfContent.selsites. Just select what you have to.
  • Final step, create users for each site and assign them the appropriate web master role.
You must make sure the users can't access the default site as otherwise they would have access to the files from all the sites.

To access each site use the domain name of the site as setup under Manage Sites followed by /manager/ and login with the user you created for the site. If everything is setup correctly you should only be able to work with files and content for the site you're logged in to, there should also be no option to select other sites.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any issues.

Works magnificently. I had some troubles with implementing but turned out there was a typo somewhere. Other than that worked flawlessly.
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