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clearFusionCMS 1.3.0 & clearFusionSHOP 1.1.0
07-23-2013, 02:02 AM
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clearFusionCMS 1.3.0 & clearFusionSHOP 1.1.0
With these updates of clearFusionCMS and it's eCommerce modules we're also releasing updates to the other modules so that they can make full use of the new features.

1.3.0 changes the way we store passwords, doing so was necessary for a few reasons. It improves security, allows support of centralised authentication and allows clearFusionCMS to provide authentication services for other 3rd party applications. After installation of the upgrade you'll be logged out of the system and will need to use the forgotten password option to set a new password.

Centralised Authentication

clearFusionCMS now supports the ability to have a single install of clearFusionCMS provide user authentication for multiple satellite installs.


1.3.0 introduces a REST API, the API is minimal at present and will be expanded through updates.

Through the API it's possible to authenticate users and run searches on the content within the clearFusionCMS installation.

You can see an example of using the API to perform a search on a remote installation at

Details of the API are available within the user guide at


We've added a notification system to clearFusionCMS that allows modules to send messages to users of the system via external services in a uniform way. The first module to make use of the notification system is the new HipChat module which sends notification messages to a room within HipChat.

This means that submissions via the forms module can send a notification to a specific user. Notification of new orders and order status updates from the eCommerce modules can also be sent via HipChat.

The social media and testimonial modules have also been updated to send notifications of new Facebook comments and testimonial submission through the notification system.

By making use of HipChat users can be notified via email, instant messaging and SMS if they are offline. All of this allows you and your team to stay on top of the needs of your users.

Just need to keep track of who did what? Then you can also use the HipChat module to keep track of who is changing content within your site.


Our clearFusionSHOP has also seen updates, as mentioned above the cart supports the new notification system and through this allows you and your team to see new order notifications, out of stock notifications and coordinate order processing through the HipChat module.

clearFusionSHOP now supports wholesale pricing. By designating a user to receive wholesale pricing, when they login to your store the pricing is automatically adjusted to the wholesale rates. Retail customers continue to receive retail pricing.

We listened to you and now in 1.1.0 you are able to list a product in multiple categories by simply ticking all the categories that the product should be listed in.

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